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Im Homepage und Webhosting-Forum --- HUBLOT BIG BANG BOA BANG 341.PX.7918.NR.1979 Watch

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Forum » PHP & MySQL » HUBLOT BIG BANG BOA BANG 341.PX.7918.NR.1979 Watch - 18 Jan 2020 Antworten
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HUBLOT BIG BANG BOA BANG 341.PX.7918.NR.1979 Watch

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The hublot big bang replica Hublot Classic Fusion Italia Independent collection comprises 6 watches, in 3 different materials: titanium with black and white “Houndstooth” (100 pieces limited edition) or Blue and Red “Prince of Wales” (50 pieces limited edition) dial and strap, black ceramic with black and white “Prince of Wales” (100 pieces limited edition) or Blue and Red “Tartan” (50 pieces limited edition) and finally 18k King Gold with black and white “Prince of Wales” (50 pieces limited edition) or dark “Tartan” (50 pieces limited edition).

All these watches come in the same 45mm x 13.05mm case with automatic chronograph in it (ETA-based, 2892, 42h power reserve, 4Hz frequency). Cases show the usual style and execution of the Classic Fusion, meaning polished and brushed surfaces, the round bezel with 6 titanium screws and integration of composite resin (in black or blue, depending on the editions) for the middle case. All feature a rubber strap with fabrics matching the dials.Two colors will be available, both with the 45mm Classic Fusion Chronograph case.

The first swiss luxury watches edition, the Scritto All Black, features a black ceramic case, with polished and brushed surfaces, matched with a black “engraved” strap and a black leather dial.

The second edition, the Scritto King Gold, comes in a warm gold case, with the same polished and brushed surfaces, and paired with a warm tobacco brown strap and leather dial (the signature color of Berluti). Both share the same display, with a bi-counter chronograph – small second at 3 and 30-minute counter at 9, without date. They are powered by the calibre HUB1143, an automatic chronograph movement with 4Hz frequency and 42h power reserve – a modular movement based on an ETA calibre.Both editions of the Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti will be limited to 250 pieces. They feature hand-crafted straps mixing rubber and Berluti leather and are presented in a Berluti bespoke box containing a complete Berluti leather care set.

zenith watches for sale not the first time these two terrible kids in the luxury industry have joined forces to make watches. Since 2014, the collaboration between Hublot, Italia independent and LaPO Elkann has resulted in two series. Although the previous two series are based on bold, masculine and large-scale big bang Unicode models (with carbon fiber watch case and blue jeans or camouflage print), the new series will be used in new areas, more subtle, more elegant with male code and tailoring. The goal here is obviously to bring the concept of integrating customization and customization (cherished by Italia independent and LaPO Elkann) that Hublot cherishes to the highest level. The result can be seen on all six Hublot classic fusion wristwatches. 45mm case, more elegant and low-key (in line with Hublot's standard) classic fusion chronograph is the ideal place to mix metal and the best fabric from Italian tailor rubinacci. Here, there is no printed matter on the brass plate to make the dial. Just as the brand uses leather on the berluti, they now make watchbands (just as Urwerk did on the ur-110), but the dial also uses authentic fabrics, such as the thousand bird case, the prince of Wales (three versions) and Tartan (for two versions). This project, of course, is LaPO's child, known as the most elegant man in the world, and the grandson of fashion giant Gianni Agnelli (former CEO of Fiat Group).

Sartoria rubinacci, the supplier of these fabrics, was not chosen at random: since 1932, three generations of rubinacci have been used in this furniture with good taste and masculinity. From the Duke of Kent to the singer Bryan ferry, their clothes have improved, and of course, the Agnelli family, LaPO Elkann, deserves to be replaced. They will definitely understand styles and clothing, which can be seen in the new Hublot classic fusion Italia independent collection.https://www.perfectwrist.ru

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Forum » PHP & MySQL » HUBLOT BIG BANG BOA BANG 341.PX.7918.NR.1979 Watch

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